Benefits of Installing a New Boiler

Are you thinking about getting a new boiler for your home? There is no better time than now, ready for when the winter months roll in. Getting a new boiler is a big investment, so you need to be sure it is the right choice to make. The only downside to upgrading your boiler is the initial cost, whereas there are so many great benefits for you to enjoy! Keep reading to find out why you should upgrade your boiler today.

Your new boiler will be more efficient

When looking for a new boiler, you need to ensure it is A-Rated for efficiency. This will make it over 90% efficient, which can make a real difference compared to your current boiler. Many old boilers can be as low as 50% efficient! As a result, you will be wasting less energy through use, which is better for your pocket, as well as the environment!

Your new boiler will save you money long term

Linking to the last point, having an efficient boiler can lower your energy bills considerably. This gives you more money to spend each month and it can soon begin to offset the initial cost of your boiler. 

As well as this, it is less likely to need repairing for years to come, so you can have peace of mind in knowing you won't need to splash out on any repairs anytime soon.

Your new boiler will be more discrete

Getting a new boiler means it will be more discrete than your current boiler, in a range of ways. Modern boilers are much more compact, making it easier for them to be located. In many new homes, boilers are wall-mounted and hidden in kitchen cupboards. This keeps them out of sight, but still close by when needed.

New boilers are also often much quieter. While they may still make slight background noie, it will be much less compared to your current model. if your boiler is the other side of a bedroom wall, this can your life much easier!

Need a new boiler in Perrybarr?

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