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Log Burners and Flue Systems

Are you looking to upgrade your home heating before the winter months arrive? Rather than replacing your boiler or heating system, there are other options that are just as useful. For an alternative heating system, why not get a log burner installed? Or to improve the system you already have, what about replacing your flue?

Benefits of a log burner

Getting a log burner means you are using a renewable source of energy to heat your home. This is a huge benefit for the environment and it also means you know you are doing your bit to help the planet. If brought from a responsible retailer, there are no issues with burning wood. Log burners are also very efficient and are a great alternative to standard central heating. 

As well as practical benefits, nothing makes a room feel cosier than a log burner. It is the perfect way to make your living room feel homely and warm, especially during the dark winter months. Adding a log burner is a perfect finishing touch to any room. The look of a log burner is also something that can be enjoyed, as it makes for a real design feature in your living room. The same can't be said for traditional radiators!

Benefits of replacing your flue system

A good flue is important, as it keeps the air flowing from your burner. This helps to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide issues, as well as helping your log burner to work to its maximum potential. Over time, your flue will go through lots of usage and wear, which can start to cause issues with its performance. To reduce the risk of any issues occurring, it is a good idea to replace it when necessary.

Having a taller flue usually allows it to work better than a shorter one, as it creates a better draught. However, this is not always the case, and there is a point when a flue can become too long and it doesn't function as well. 

Need a gas engineer in Bloxwich?

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